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People are making Bitcoin in their sleep through a process called mining. Today, mining BTC is off limits, unless you’re a millionaire.

With a few clicks, you’ll be making MBG passively for the rest of your life. MBG represents the Apotheosis Network. The first blockchain for Real World Assets. No more freaking out over candle sticks again.

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What You Get.

Stake MBGs, become a miner: a validator in the Proof of Stake system that makes the blockchain operate. Earn MBGs in your sleep.
Get 1000 USDT worth in MBGs & receive a bonus MetaBadge - a unique asset that allows you to stake with more rewards, vote in the OSIS ecosystem, & much more.
Participate in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history: Tokenization & Web3.
Get MBGs

Blockchain for Real World Assets.

The Apotheosis Network will focus on optimizing the most user-friendly experience a person can have for RWA tokenization, management, & exploration, while also having network speeds & consensus mechanisms on par with the best blockchains on the planet.

MBGs are the native token of the Apotheosis blockchain, powering consensus & gas fees for the network. It enables all holders to become miners in our Proof of Stake mechanism.

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How It Works.

10% Proceeds go to $OSIS Liquidity

20% Proceeds go to Marketing

70% Proceeds go to Development

Phase 1 - $5M

$OSIS Uniswap ETH Listing

Advanced Tokenizer & API (beta) - Revenue

OSIS Dashboard Gold release

OSIS Exchange adds Multi-chain Support - Revenue

Apotheosis Blockchain Technical Document

Podcast Tour (brand awareness campaign)

US & EU Markets focus

Phase 2 - $10M

OSIS University Courses launched

OSIS Vault (Gold) - Revenue

OSIS Profile (Gold)

Enter South America market

Phase 3 - $25M

OSIS Exchange develops its social network

OSIS Wallet (Gold) - Revenue

OSIS Mail (Gold) - Revenue

Enter Asia markets

Phase 4 - $100M

Apotheosis Blockchain Testnet launch

$OSIS listing on Binance Exchange

Globally incentivized testing phase

Acquisition of necessary technologies

Enter global markets, including Middle East - Africa

Phase 5 - $110M

Tokenization Campaign: onboard thousands of client - aimed at Fortune 500s

AI Tokenizer Development

Exchange, Wallet, Vault, Mail, Tokenizer available in mobile app stores

Web3 Search Engine Development

OSIS Explorer Development

Live Apotheosis Network deployment

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Q3 - 2024

A.I  Tokenizer

Q2 - 2025


Q3 - 2025


Q1 - 2026

Apotheosis Blockchain

Q1 - 2027

Search Engine

Q3 - 2027

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MBG Tokens are the native tokens of the Apotheosis blockchain: the first network designed for Real World Asset tokenization. MBG is used in Apotheosis’ Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, meaning that all MBG holders can participate as miners & validators of the entire blockchain. They’re an important part of the ecosystem, a mechanism for decentralization & powering all of OSIS’ world.

The MBG token serves multiple utilities within the Apotheosis blockchain. It enables holders to participate as miners and validators, kind of like shareholders of a company earning dividends for their contribution, thereby ensuring the blockchain's security and decentralization.

It also brings return in value, by owning 1000 USDT worth of MBGs you get a bonus MetaBadge, or 2000 USDT worth of MBGs for a rare or super rare one, which enhances staking rewards and provides voting rights within the OSIS ecosystem. This positions MBG holders to benefit from the tokenization and Web3 initiatives that represent a significant shift in wealth distribution.

You can get MBG tokens pre-sale by buying it here. You can also get MBGs by staking your OSIS or MetaBadge NFTs, to earn MBGs as staking rewards.

IMPORTANT: MBGs purchased today in pre-sale are not immediately airdropped to your wallet. MBGs will be airdropped after the close of the fundraising round on the day of Uniswap/DEX listing (aiming for January 1st 2025 or earlier depending on fundraise goal being reached).

⁠⁠You can check your MBG balance by connecting your wallet with the “Check Balance” widget in buy.osisplatform.com. After connecting, you’ll be able to see how much MBG you currently hold..

You can use any wallet that is compatible with the Polygon Blockchain. Two of the most popular are Metamask & Trustwallet - both available in mobile app stores.

The following address: 0xaDffC008D888B286A6c3b0c1D4279EfD948dB768

Staking assets on a Blockchain can be beneficial as it allows you to earn native tokens & rewards passively, often surpassing traditional returns, while actively contributing to the safety and decentralization of the network. Additionally, staking often grants you a voice in the network’s governance, letting you participate in key decisions and proposals.

MetaBadges are NFTs that give holders a voice and vote in the OSIS Ecosystem. It grants owners ArchAngel status, which represents their involvement and contribution to the OSIS community. MetaBadge holders have a 100:1 voting power in the OSIS Exchange, which gives them more influence and opportunity when it comes to deciding which projects will be listed. Holders can also earn rewards by staking their MetaBadges.

Buy a MetaBadge by using this form, or contact the team through any of the OSIS socials. Standard MetaBadges are 1000 USDT and Rares are 2000 USDT. You can also get 1000 USDT worth in MBGs & receive a bonus MetaBadge for free, or use OSIS at the equivalent USDT value to make a purchase.

Learn more by reading the OSIS Pitch Deck, Whitepaper, or Youtube channel. You can also join the social media channels and the Discord community.

Join OSIS Discord and create a support ticket in the #support-ticket channel, or send an email to contact@osis.world.



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