OSIS aims to solve the problem of a lack of universal value system and decentralized standard in the Web3 space. By applying tokenization at a mass scale, OSIS makes participation in the Web3 space more accessible, democratizes socioeconomic benefits, and emphasizes the power of collective support and involvement. It seeks to create a platform where individuals and communities can easily create their own projects, participate in existing ones, and share in the value created, without the need for a middleman controlling the process. OSIS embodies the ideology of "Strength in Numbers" and aims to drive growth, progress, and value creation in the Web3 space.

OSIS is a utility token, which means that OSIS tokens have added value to it besides the monetary worth. It's designed to provide access to services and functionalities within OSIS and blockchain ecosystems.

You can access MEXC or BitMart Exchanges and buy/trade for OSIS.

MetaBadges are NFTs that give holders a voice and vote in the OSIS world. It grants owners the status of ArchAngel, which represents their involvement and contribution to the OSIS community. MetaBadge holders have a 100:1 voting power in the OSIS Exchange, which gives them more influence and opportunity when it comes to deciding which projects will be listed. Holders can also earn Staking Rewards, which can be traded for various reward tiers, including OSIS gear.

To acquire a Metabadge, you can contact the team through any of the standard support channels and make a direct purchase of your preferred tier, priced 1000 USDT for a Standard and 2000 USDT for a Rare MetaBadge. You can also use OSIS at the equivalent USDT value to make a purchase.

OSIS offers an affordable no-code tokenizer that allows creators to generate verified smart contracts quickly.

There are several options for what you can do with your tokenized assets. With OSIS Dashboard, you can easily manage and keep track of all you've created. The utility varies depending on the type of asset and project goals. For instance, you can sell and trade them by listing with the OSIS Exchange.

OSIS takes several measures to prevent fraudulent projects from being listed on its exchange. One of the key measures is the community voting mechanism, where members of the exchange can vote to qualify all projects that request to be listed. This means that the community plays a crucial role in curating the future of Web3 by identifying and supporting legitimate projects while weeding out fraudulent ones. Additionally, OSIS University offers education on how to identify real projects from fraudulent ones, ensuring that members are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

OSIS ensures security and privacy through its Web3 platforms. The OSIS Mail and Vault provide 100% end-to-end encrypted mail and cloud storage, offering true anonymity and privacy, with no intermediary access. Additionally, OSIS aims to transition millions of users from Web2 to Web3, where decentralized features inherently prioritize privacy and security. The focus on decentralization in Web3 ensures that user data is not stored in centralized servers, reducing the risk of large-scale data breaches and unauthorized access.

As a community member of OSIS, you can actively participate in the ecosystem and contribute to its activities. You have the opportunity to vote on various decisions within the OSIS world using OSIS currency or MetaBadges. Additionally, you can bring value to the community by listing your assets or likeness on the OSIS Exchange, where users can freely barter their digital and physical assets. Your involvement in the community and projects is essential for shaping a society where members are appreciated for the products and services they bring to the ecosystem.

Interested parties can reach out to OSIS by joining the Discord and creating a collaborative ticket, or email contact@osis.world directly to explore investment opportunities and partnerships.

You can find more information about OSIS by reading the Pitch Deck and Whitepaper, both available for download on the website. You can also join the social media channels and the Discord community.

OSIS has a fixed total token supply of 100 million. The allocation of these tokens is as follows: 26% for the development of OSIS technology, 25% for centralized exchanges (CEX), 20% for decentralized exchanges (DEX), 15% for advisor and executive reserve, 9% for technical reserve, 4% for the 2022 private sale, 0.7% for airdrops and rewards, and 0.3% for launchpads.

The future projections for OSIS include total revenues from various sources such as NFT domains, OTC services, IDOs/Listings, NFTs, subscriptions, tokenization, and exchange fees. These future projections indicate substantial growth and potential for OSIS, with a significant increase in user adoption and revenue generation. You can find more information about this in the "Financial Projections" section of the OSIS Whitepaper.

Join OSIS Discord and create a support ticket in the #support-ticket channel, or send an email to contact@osis.world.